Picture of wrist watches Steinmeyer S 501.73.31

In this photo you will see how the original watches look like Steinmeyer S 501.73.31 from different perspectives. You can as well rate the specifics of watches from the creator Steinmeyer. The photograph shows the original watch!
Men's watches picture Steinmeyer S 501.73.31
Men's wrist watch Steinmeyer S 501.73.31 - 1 photo, picture, image

Details 1 of pictures Steinmeyer S 501.73.31

Picture name
Steinmeyer S 501.73.31
Photo resolution
419x700 Pixel
Picture size:
139 kilobyte
Amount of views
476 times

Short description of the Men's watch

quartz, men's
not specified
not specified
Source of energy
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